I was at a seminar last year, and I had the pleasure of listening to the amazing Richard Mccann give a talk, and I don’t  think I’ll ever be the same again. One thing that was so profound to me was his comparison to being in jail, and the fact that so many of us live in our own jail, with bars made by the limitations that we put on ourselves due to lack of self belief. Wow, This wonderful, inspirational man who had experienced more trauma than is imaginable, stood before 300 of us and left not one of us with dry eyes – and i’m sure most of us had a shift of thinking. So what has this got to do with Challenge to Change? Well you see, the problem with many of us is that we start a health/fitness/fat loss regime with the idea that once we’ve dropped the excess baggage everything is going to be hunky dory. For some, it is, for others there remains an emptiness or feelings of “not good enough/still ugly/ fear of rejection/I need to do more”. It’s a viscious cycle and in an ideal world ;we would all learn to love ourselves, have faith in ourselves and experience the world at breakneck speed.

So my theory is, we need to take our eye off the aesthetics and challenge ourself to things that scare us a little bit – grow our self belief, grow a set of balls and LIVE life – like properly, experience stuff. Don’t just let it slip by.  For me, that started with my first triathlon a couple of years back, with another one last year. However last year I had to deal with my fear of open water swimming to complete the first ever Leeds Castle Tri.  At the end of the year I did my first Dirty Dozen obstacle race, a whole 18k and 26 obstacles (i hate running!). and i’m signed up to do 2 more tri’s this year and two more obstacle races. I’ve managed to persuade several of my clients to push their fears and sign up to the 6k DD, and we wlll start and finish as a team, and they will be so proud of themselves.  The upside of this is that you can take away your focus from food and body shape to focus on nutrition and what your body (and mind) can do.  You can start to enjoy the journey and not simply focus on the destination, because that’s just boring and chances are you are going to slip off along the way.  It doesn’t even have to just be about physical challenges – but i’ll go in to that a bit more later in the month as I have a great TED talk to share with you. So, if you are  lady who wishes to break the habit of “diet and exercise” and try “challenge and friendhsip” instead, why not join us on the DD in April.  Using the code RFS you’ll get a 10% discount, plus a further discount because we are aready a team of 6.  You’ll also be able to sign up to a special training package for 3 months with us (minimum is usually 6 months). SImply call us on 01474 626146 or email getfit@revoloution.co.uk, quoting OCR.
Here’s to a happier, healthier mind and body.  I dare you 😉