Are you a chocolate lover? I am. But since following a more natural and metabolic nutrition plan, I never have cravings for it and actually find most of it too sweet for my palate. Now I tend to indulge in very dark chocolate, 80% plus, as it has added health benefits and I only need one square to feel satisfied.  I also am a big fan of cacao nibs (you can buy in health food stores), which I sometimes add to natural yoghurt, nuts and dried fruit as a post workout treat, homemade baking (such as flapjacks, muffins) or even in porridge.  Try not to be put off by the bitter taste – like anything, we need to retrain our taste buds and once you start cutting back on actual chocolate and replacing with the darker option, you will find your cravings will drastically reduce – if not disappear completely. 
I found this great website for some recipes that you can try, so head over to take a look: