I’ve spend most of this month having my 1-1 consultations with my clients. I didn’t realise how much I learn from them – I thought I was the “teacher”. What came to my attention is that we all seem to have an innate tendency to think the worst and make unreasonable assumptions. Whether this be on what we can achieve, what results we can expect, what people think of us, what kind of lifestyle we want – we put limits on it all. How thankful was I then when one of my clients gave me a gift – a book called “The Four Agreements”. Even by the end of Chapter One I was able to idenitfy some of the reasons that I have limiting self beliefs. In order to be successful at anything, we all need to dig deep to find our emotional drives. When we want to lose fat, change body shape, run a business, there is ALWAYS more deep seated drives that we think. Do we want to be a role model for our children? Do we want to provide good care in old age for our parents? Do we have family memers with diabetes and we don’t want to end up the same? Were we bullied for being fat and want to feel good about ourselves for the first time in our life?
Along this pathway we WILL make mistakes – there is absolutely no doubt. But we have to learn not to beat ourselves up about this. Mistakes are simply curves in the road – learn to loves these curves (and the ones on your body), and your journey will become easier and more pleasureable.