The two “myths” that tend to keep women doing the wrong exercise for fat loss are:

  • Cardio burns loads of calories
  • Lifting weights makes women look like men

Now some people will tell you that it’s necessary to mix up your exercise to include both forms of exercise for effective fat loss. I’m not in that camp! My theory is that I want to train both my cardiovascular and muscular system in the shortest, most effective way possible – and cross trainers/treadmills/rowers/bikes are invariably not used in the right way to do this. I do run and I do it because I like it. Sometimes. I do cycle because I like it (sometimes) and I do the odd triathlon (because I like to challenge myself). But mostly, I lift weights or do metabolic workouts with weights because I can make them shorter but intense, get results and still fit in everything else that I have to do.


Now there is a science behind this, and i’ve covered this a presentation you can see HERE. Be warned, it’s a little primitive but it’s great information.
So what i’m saying is, neither exercise is wrong but you may need to change things up a little if you want fat loss results or improved muscle tone. Follow these simple tips and watch the change:

  • If you spend an hour on the cardio machines at the gym, reduce the time to 20 minutes and increase the intensity. The easiest thing to do would be to go “all out” for as long as you can, rest until fully recovered and then go again. Repeat for 20 minutes. Be sure to mix up the machines for a full body workout.
  • Get on those free weights. Squat and Lunge – with heavy weights. Getting a “burn on” in the huge muscles of the legs will increase the human growth hormone, which massively helps with fat loss. When you work the arms be sure to do biceps AND triceps. Don’t forget the back either!
  • Start doing Metabolic Effect workouts. We have a few on our YouTube Channel and we’ll start adding more now that we are in the new studio. Here is one to give you an idea!

One final note – remember that “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. After the age of 30 our muscle mass starts to slowly reduce. Result? Reduced metabolic rate = quicker weight/fat gain. Using weights will help you to retain/build muscle, keep you looking toned, keep your metabolic weight revved up and keep you functional as you age. It’s a no brainer!