I remember speaking to my business coach and he asked me to tell him what I really wanted. I couldn’t tell him. So he asked me what I didn’t want. That was easy. Then we just flipped it on his head. I then had to think about the huge picture – what did I want my entire life to look for? money, houses, holidays, appearance, business status, car etc etc.  It was only then, when I had it clear in my mind what I REALLY wanted, that we could start making a plan on how to get there.
So whatever your goals is you need to get clear.  Make it tangible, attach emotion to it.  Then make a list of all the things you need to address to take you toward it, and commit to taking a minimum of one step toward it per day.  Breaking it down into manageable chunks, or Big Rocks, makes everything much less daunting.  Why not give it a go?